Fake calls appear as ‘Monroe Twp NJ’ on caller ID

Finger at "SCAM ALERT" On Keyboard Button

Scammers are using fake phone numbers that come up on the caller ID as “Monroe Twp NJ” to contact residents within Monroe Township.

The callers are posing as a third-party energy company offering refunds. At first look it appears a resident is receiving a phone call from the Township of Monroe when in fact it is a scam, according to information provided by the Monroe Township Police Department.

Upon answering the phone, the call is answered by an automatic recording offering a 30% discount on the gas and electric bill. If interested in this offer, the recording advises the resident to press “1”. Upon pressing “1”, the resident is then connected to a live person with a heavy accent. The individual then asks for your zip code and once provided, they congratulate you on your eligible for a 30% discount. They then request that you provide them with your PSEG, JCP&L or energy provider account number.

Police are warning residents to not take part in this scam.