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Millstone will seek county assistance for ADA improvements at new park

MILLSTONE – Municipal officials in Millstone Township are seeking county funding to help finance the installation of new equipment at Millstone Park, Red Valley Road.

The equipment officials hope to acquire would be accessible to individuals of all ability levels.

The Township Committee has authorized the submission of a Community Development Block Grant application to Monmouth County for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible playground equipment that would installed at Millstone Park.

The construction estimate for the improvements is $220,000 and if the county provides the requested funding, Millstone will contribute up to 20% toward the total construction cost, plus administrative and engineering costs, according to a resolution.

Business Administrator Kevin Abernethy said the township is proposing 100% accessible ADA playground equipment at Millstone Park with a soft rubber surface to be installed under the equipment.

“There are great types of equipment and it’s all accessible to (individuals who have a disability). We’re not sure how the $220,000 will go, but we would like to take advantage of the county’s generosity and do it to the fullest,” he said.

Mayor Fiore Masci said, “It’s great if parents (have a child) who requires ADA accessible playground equipment, while maybe another child doesn’t. … It’s a wonderful thing to be able to have. It’s a great opportunity for the township and I’m glad the county is offering a grant like this.”

Municipal officials are expected to give a presentation to the county on Sept. 9.

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