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East Brunswick council considers ice hockey rink for Tices Lane

EAST BRUNSWICK–The township is evaluating the possibility of an ice hockey rink on Tices Lane.

The Township Council approved a resolution authorizing CME Associates to perform environmental engineering services for a proposed rink to be located at 110 Tices Lane during the Aug. 10 council meeting.

On June 27, 2019, the township’s 110 Tices Lane Redevelopment Project took a major step forward when demolition of the old Wonderbread Factory began.

Last year, both Councilman James Wendell and Mayor Brad Cohen spoke about the possibility of building an ice hockey rink.

Wendell explained that the project will not only be something for the community, but the developer is donating 8 acres back to the township for recreational purposes, according to the council.

“The town is going to use the 8 acres for a facility that is going to benefit the entire town,” Wendell said. “Right now we are thinking about an ice rink … and we’ll have some retail residential units, we’ll have some townhouses, we’ll have some apartments, all with smart development and improvements to Tices Lane and improvements to the infrastructure in the area.”

When asked about the possibility of building an ice rink at the site, Cohen responded that, “Nothing is 100%, but that is overwhelmingly likely what we want to build. That is what most of the residents have indicated they would like to see as a municipal use.”

The developer for the project is Garden Homes Development, Short Hills. Garden Homes Development principal Scott Loventhal estimated the cost of the project at $100 million, which could be a six-year project for the company.

The resolution authorizes CME Associates to conduct environmental engineering services in the amount of $7,500. CME Associates submitted a proposal for environmental services required for site work at the facility which is recommended by the Planning and Engineering Department, according to the council.

Council Vice President Sharon Sullivan, along with Wendell and Councilman Michael Spadinfino, voted “yes”; however, Councilman Kevin McEvoy voted “no”. Council President Sterley Stanley was not present.

“During these extremely difficult economic times, I don’t feel that we should be spending any of the taxpayers’ money on this particular venue in this particular way,” McEvoy said.


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