New Manalapan softball club for girls will debut in Spring 2021


MANALAPAN – The all-new Manalapan Girls Softball Club will debut in Spring 2021 with a primary focus on youth softball, including expanded recreational and travel programs for girls between the ages of 4 and 18.

The Manalapan Girls Softball Club will be affiliated with Babe Ruth Softball, a national girls fast-pitch softball organization, according to a press release.

The club’s mission will be “to usher in a new era of softball, including a focus on whole-player development; the physical, mental and social aspects of competition, as well as a sense of community,” according to the press release.

The club will offer competitive and complementary recreation and travel softball programs that will, according to league officials, represent Manalapan’s long-standing athletic reputation.

The club will provide softball-specific hitting and pitching training this fall, with instructional and recreational league play the center of the club experience in 2021.

“I am happy to announce the formation of our new softball-focused club in Manalapan. I am ecstatic and looking forward to building a lasting legacy for girls softball here,” said Jason Jasovsky, the club’s board president.

“The formation of this league is something all of our daughters deserve. I ask all Manalapan parents of girls ages 4 through 18 to join us this fall for free Wednesday night clinics and specialized softball training on weekends.

“And mark your calendars for Spring 2021. The club has big plans for fast-pitch softball in this town,” Jasovsky said. “We are looking forward to a very special premier season with Babe Ruth Softball.”

For more information, contact Jason E. Carris at [email protected]. On Facebook, visit; and on Instagram, @ManalapanGirlsSoftballClub