Opinion: A Double Miracle


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I want to share a brief story about the miracles my sons experienced in their lives.

Justin now holds a Master’s in Human Nutrition from The University Of Bridgeport and did his post graduate studies in mind-body medicine.The owner of his own company, Justin is dedicated to changing how we address autoimmune diseases so that long-term recovery and healing becomes possible. He advocates for woman who struggle with emotional blocks, early adult and childhood trauma, a surprising component of his clients’ history. Justin has also recently written a book.

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My younger son graduated with a double major in Finance and Marketing and is working for a law firm in New York City. He also played on the Division I lacrosse team while in college.

It’s hard to imagine that these young men were diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at the ages of 7 and 5. Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder that effects 1 in every 162 children and is characterized by uncontrollable motor and vocal tics. Along with the tics my sons had severe learning disabilities. They had difficulty functioning in school and their classmates would make fun of them. It was extremely disruptive to their lives and to our family as well. I didn’t expect them to have normal lives.

I brought my sons to several neurologists who all said there is no cure for Tourette’s and wanted to prescribe narcotics which I refused to allow them to take. Being a registered nurse I was well aware of the side effects they would experience.

I am also a Christian who believes in the power of prayer. I brought my sons to a healing service at my church shortly after they were diagnosed. After receiving prayer from the prayer team, I prayed for my sons every day and could not deny that their symptoms began to subside. Over time the motor and vocal tics completely disappeared. With constant prayer they were both completely healed. They are 28 and 33 years old today and both have normal and successful lives. The learning disabilities they once had no longer exist.

I often think about the families who have a child or children with Tourette syndrome. I want to give them hope and for them to know that all things are possible With God.

Corinne Janoska is the director of Nursing at Mount Carmel Guild, a non-profit organization in Trenton. Mount Carmel Guild’s Home Nursing Program assists low income, frail individuals age 60 years and over by providing free nursing care. Corinne received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Villanova University. She is a resident of Lawrenceville.


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