Middletown officials adopt $3.2M bond ordinance to fund local improvements

MIDDLETOWN – The Township Committee has adopted a bond ordinance which appropriates $3.67 million to fund capital improvements in Middletown.

Committee members who adopted the ordinance during a meeting on Aug. 17 authorized the issuance of $3.2 million in bonds or notes to pay a portion of the expenses.

Deputy Mayor Anthony Fiore, Committeeman Kevin Settembrino, Committeewoman Patricia Snell and Committeeman Rick Hibell voted “yes” on a motion to adopt the ordinance.

Fiore said Mayor Tony Perry was absent from the meeting following the birth of a daughter, the first child for the mayor and his wife Alana.

According to the ordinance, the total appropriation of $3.67 million includes $275,000 that is expected to be received as a New Jersey Department Transportation Grant; $26,000 from Middletown’s capital improvement fund; and $168,525 as a down payment required by New Jersey’s Local Bond Law.

Bonds in the amount of $3.2 million are authorized to be issued, according to the ordinance.

The improvements covered by the ordinance are the acquisition of copy machines for the Office of the Mayor, ($26,000); park improvements, including playground renovations, ($244,000); improvements to Holland Road, Phase I, including paving, milling, drainage, reconstruction and concrete design improvements, ($997,500).

And, paving and concrete improvements of various roads in the township, ($549,000); drainage improvements throughout the township, ($366,000); sidewalk improvements throughout the township, ($147,000).

Also, acquisition of property, ($230,000); acquisition of a fire engine, ($602,000); improvements to Croydon Hall Gym, ($275,000); and acquisition of an ambulance, ($235,000).