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Opinion: New Jerseyans do not benefit from high gas tax, recreational drug use

Ronald Reagan said long ago, “Here we go again.”
First, New Jersey, on Aug. 29, announced a 10% increase in the gasoline tax after people are still enraged about two recent increases in the same tax. New Jersey is near the refineries and near the ports just miles away. We are not in Montana or Idaho. New Jersey should have the cheapest gasoline taxes; instead we are burdened among the highest myriad of taxes in the nation.
Gov. Phil Murphy and the State Legislators don’t have a clue about how commerce and capitalism work in America. Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand (The invisible hand describes the unintended social benefits of an individual’s self-interested actions, a concept that was first introduced by Adam Smith in The Theory of Moral Sentiments, written in 1759, invoking it in reference to income distribution.)
There is an exodus of taxpayers, friends and relatives moving to the south – moving to Texas and to Florida with no income tax. How do North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have such beautiful roads with no toll roads?
New Jersey will be left with a socialized state with governmental control of all areas of life, and left with few taxpayers. Witness the exodus of taxpayers from California and New York City.
Second, Murphy and the legislators have been promoting for years potheads in New Jersey with a recreational drug agenda. Recreational drugs have never worked in the history of world civilizations. We picked up thousands of people off the streets of Brooklyn in a “zombie state” from fake drugs in 2016. There will always be fake drugs with the promotion of recreational drugs. The U.S. spends billions of dollars on medical care for drug abusers, on rehabilitation, and on border security to stop the flow of drugs.
The gasoline tax and the sales tax should be reduced to encourage business and commerce. Stop drugging and taxing the people.
Also, stop mass mailing ballots, it leads to fraud. Congress sets Election Day – not Election Months or Year. Mass ballots are unconstitutional.
Robert A. Paley
North Brunswick
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