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The danger of obesity and coronavirus

By Ken Freedman, DC

Researchers know that obesity is bad for your health. Obesity is associated with increased risks of cancers of the esophagus, breast (postmenopausal), endometrium (the lining of the uterus), colon and rectum, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, gallbladder, and possibly other cancer types. Obese people are also at a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and numerous other chronic diseases.

We now have another compelling reason to slim down. Being obese makes you more susceptible to a coronavirus infection and it also makes it much harder to recover from it.  On the July 31 segment of Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO, host Bill Maher quoted Health Officials in Huntington, New York, “who told the entire town of 200,000 to go on a diet, because as the head of the program put it, with COVID-19 you’re twice as likely to have a poor outcome if you are obese. Actually, it’s worse than that. Public Health England found that people with a body mass index of 35-40 have a 40% greater risk of dying from COVID – and over 40, its a 90% greater risk. Even being mildly obese makes it five times more likely that catching the virus will land you in the ICU. And now, people are gaining more weight—they are calling it the Quarantine 15.” “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the countries with the lowest rates of obesity have had the fewest COVID deaths. Maybe China isn’t hiding all their COVID deaths. Maybe their secret is that their obesity rate is 6%, and ours is 42.” 

The scientific truth is that if you are overweight or obese, losing weight and eating healthier can help improve your resistance to viral infection, and improve your body’s ability battle the bugs. It also reduces your risk of cancer and other serious diseases.

One of the safest and most effective programs to improve your general health is the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program. Offered exclusively at Freedman Chiropractic in East Brunswick, this program uses no drugs, prepackaged foods, shakes or bars. It is highly effective. While individual results vary, most clients safely lose about 20-35 pounds of body fat in approximately 6 weeks. They eat real food they buy at the supermarket, with nutritional supplementation and private weekly supervision with me. Best of all, many of my clients report feeling much more energized. They have significant reductions in high blood pressure, dramatically reduced back, knee and joint pain, better digestion, clearer skin and better sleep—in addition to being leaner and looking better!

The Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program is offered at a fraction of the cost of other nationally advertised weight loss programs. There are no contraindications for anyone taking nearly all medications. It is even safe for children aged 10 and older.

Anyone interested in scheduling a private weight loss consultation with me at absolutely no charge or obligation may do so by calling 732-254-6011, or emailing Ken@FreedmanChiropractic.com. Morning, afternoon and evening hours are available, by appointment. 

Your life, or the life of someone you love, may depend upon it.

Since 1979, Freedman Chiropractic has served East Brunswick and its surrounding communities, and is located at Brier Hill Court D-6, East Brunswick. Visit www.FreedmanChiropractic.com  

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