Hillsborough is home to only RB factory that supplies Lysol to North America

Residents, businesses and organizations throughout South Brunswick have collected food, medical supplies and necessary items to benefit those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hillsborough-based Reckitt Benckiser (RB) experienced a fire earlier this summer, partially shutting down their production. In collaboration with the Bureau of Fire Safety and Hillsborough Township Construction Department, operations were halted very briefly.

Upon visiting the site shortly after the fire, Mayor Doug Tomson was joined by Deputy Mayor Shawn Lipani and Township Administrator Anthony Ferrera to see firsthand the extensive operations at this facility, according to information provided by the township on Sept. 3.

“First of all, thank you to all the first responders who on this very hot summer day took action to mitigate the damages to this facility. We are fortunate in Hillsborough to have such a dedicated volunteer fire response. It was through their efforts that damage was minimized,” Tomson said in the statement.

RB Hillsborough is the only RB factory across the world that supplies Lysol disinfectant sprays to the U.S. and North America, according to the statement. In this facility in Hillsborough, more than 400 individuals are employed or contracted. This factory produces and ships over 1 million consumer units of product per day, according to the statement.

During the public health crisis of COVID-19, to meet the increased demand for Lysol Disinfectant Spray (LDS), RB increased staffing, hiring weekend crews and for 24/7 operations, creating nearly an additional 70 jobs, according to the statement.

LDS is certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to disinfect against the COVID-19 virus.

As a global health, hygiene and nutrition company, RB manufactures some of the most recognizable brands in the U.S., including Mucinex, Lysol, Woolite, Finish, Air Wick, K-Y and Enfamil, according to the statement.