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Wayfair to pay Cranbury employees to vote, volunteer as poll workers 

Wayfair Inc. has joined a national effort to recruit poll workers and support its employees, customers and communities throughout the voting process in the 2020 election.

Wayfair’s Cranbury fulfillment center employs more than 700 people.

The company created an Election Time Off Policy that provides all eligible employees with paid time off to exercise their right to vote. In addition, the company recently signed a non-partisan Day for Democracy pledge to reaffirm its commitment to supporting its employees throughout the entire voting process, according to information provided by Wayfair.

In partnership with Civic Alliance and Power the Polls, Wayfair will also offer paid time off for employees to work the polls on Election Day and to support early voting efforts.

Wayfair has also launched an employee education campaign in Cranbury and in its locations across the country to ensure that its employees have access to localized updates, resources and information about the quickly-evolving voting process during this unprecedented time, according to the statement.

Wayfair is also inviting its employees, customers and the greater community to text “GOVOTE” to 26797 to register to vote, check their status, and learn more about upcoming elections.

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