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Hillsborough High School soccer, cross country programs on hold due to recent COVID-19 outbreak

HILLSBOROUGH – After reports of a COVID-19 outbreak in the Hillsborough Township community, some of the fall sports programs in the Hillsborough High School athletic department have been put on hold for at least the next two weeks.

Hillsborough Public Schools Superintendent Lisa Antunes announced the decision to shut down some fall sports in the school district, which includes the high school’s boys soccer team and boys and girls cross country programs, during the Hillsborough Township Board of Education meeting on Sept. 21.

The district has found that certain students from each program were in contact with those connected to the string of positive cases found in the DC Gymnastics School.

Antunes stated that concerns have continued to rise with cases expanding and that those needing to quarantine are not doing so and putting others at risk.

“Not only is the season in terms of athletics in jeopardy, but our entire educational plan is in jeopardy because our community is having difficulty acting in the best interest of each other,” Antunes said.

Contact tracing has also helped the district find that members of the Hillsborough Middle School’s field hockey team have been in possible contact with the DC Gymnastics outbreak, forcing the program to suspend activities for the time being.

No other fall sport in the district is shut down, but that is subject to change based on any additional information provided by the health department, Hillsborough Public Schools Business Administrator Aiman Mahmoud said.

In her superintendent’s report, Antunes emphasized the importance of providing accurate and timely information to the Hillsborough Township Health Department and that COVID-19 is a public health concern, not just a concern related to school or athletics.

She also stressed how important it is for parents of athletes to make sure their children do not attend any parties or social events that are not practicing any social distancing and that masks are essential.

“It’s really important for everyone to take personal responsibility, wear a mask, and if you do come in contact with somebody that has tested positive for COVID-19, please ensure you are truthful and you are doing everything you can to ensure the safety of our community,” Hillsborough Board of Education President Lorraine Sossion said.

In light of the recent outbreak, the school district is still planning to start its hybrid model on Sept. 29.

Any students that may be asymptomatic or need to be in quarantine still are advised to stay home for the time being, Antunes said.




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