Opinion: Decision to extend Monroe superintendent’s contract was political, hypocritical

I read Kathy Chang’s article pertaining to the extension of our schools superintendent’s contract with great dismay (Monroe Board of Education extends superintendent contract through 2024, Sentinel, Sept. 23).

As one who has attended numerous school board meetings, this was a decision which should never have been made. If the board was attempting to correct the shabby treatment of its two previous superintendents (one of whom they settled with out of court) this was an inappropriate decision at a premature time.
When our board president can say, “We felt it was good to give the district as well as Dr. Dori Alvich a feeling of home, belonging and feeling of consistency” my response is, what hypocrisy. Our teachers do not have a contract and yet there is no concern about them having a “feeling of home and belonging.”
Educational quality has been deteriorating for years, teachers are leaving in droves, and taxes have been going up, and this irresponsible, smug board which lacks any fiscal integrity keeps making decisions which are harmful to the children, teaching staff and community.
This decision was purely political as shown by a 6-3 vote. This was bad politics and bad educational timing.
Ira Nelson
Monroe Township
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