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Manalapan will waive local fees for generator installation

MANALAPAN – The Township Committee in Manalapan has adopted an ordinance that will temporarily waive certain local fees that pertain to the installation of a generator.

The ordinance states that on Aug. 4, Tropical Storm Isaias resulted in thousands of residents of Manalapan losing electrical power, some for an extended period of time, and that the storm was the latest in a series of weather events that have resulted in substantial power outages throughout the township.

As a result of the most recent incident, many residents and business owners have decided to install a generator to provide their homes and businesses with electric power during such power outages, according to the ordinance.

Committee members said that “to encourage and incentivize residents and business owners to install such generators,” they would waive the township’s portion of Uniform Construction Code and Uniform Fire Code fees for the installation of generators at homes and businesses.

The local fees will be waived from March 16 through Oct. 31, according to the ordinance, which was adopted during the governing body’s Sept. 23 meeting.

Mayor Jack McNaboe clarified that the appropriate permits must be obtained during that time (March 16 through Oct. 31) to qualify for the waiver, but he said the generator does not have to be installed during that time.

The mayor said fees over which Manalapan does not have jurisdiction that are associated with the installation of a generator will still apply.

An individual who installs a generator in Manalapan without obtaining the proper permits is subject to a fine of $2,000, according to the ordinance.

In other business, the committee members adopted an ordinance which formally established a 35 mph speed limit on Tracy Station Road in Manalapan, from the Englishtown border to the Monroe Township border.

Township Engineer Brian Boccanfuso previously said the statutory speed limit on Tracy Station Road is 35 mph, although no signs were posted to inform motorists of the speed limit. He said a traffic study determined most vehicles on the road travel at or near 35 mph.

“Basically, this (action) puts the speed limit on the township’s books,” he said before the ordinance was adopted on Sept. 23.

Signs will be posted on Tracy Station Road to advise motorists the speed limit is 35 mph.

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