Opinion: Hopewell Township Committee is proactive with social justice; vote in Kuchinski and Ruger to keep policies moving forward

Did you know that the mayor of Hopewell Township and the Hopewell Township Committee members are being proactive with the racial indifference in Hopewell Township for social justice?

Back in February, the Township Committee adopted a resolution recognizing Black History Month. In June, members of the Township Committee signed an anti-racism proclamation drafted by Hopewell Valley community members.

Since then, this is what the Hopewell Township Committee Members have been doing:

  • They are in the process of hiring a temporary civilian director to assist us in setting the duties and responsibilities of the next police chief.
  • They hired a consultant to guide them in understanding how they can restructure the police department.
  • And, the first meeting of the Citizens’ Equity Advisory Committee was held on Sept. 30.

In all, I am pleased with the steps that have been taken thus far.

That is why I and you must vote for Kevin Kuchinski and Michael Ruger to keep the cohesiveness and the progress going in Hopewell Township.

Linda Rogers

Hopewell Township