Opinion: Ruger, Kuchinski share reader’s concern for health and welfare


I am a chemist and STEM (science, technology, engineering, technology) educator who has lived in Hopewell Township for nearly 22 years. I am writing this letter in support of Michael Ruger and Kevin Kuchinski who are running as candidates for the Hopewell Township Committee.

I am deeply concerned about the health and welfare of our community. I value the investment in services that support and protect us from disease, provide a safety net for those in need, and protect community members and families.

As an educator, I am keenly aware of the impact such resources have on the health and welfare of children and families. I appreciate that the public Health Department offers a flu clinic and coordinates applications for COVID-19 school-age tuition assistance for working families.

Under the current leadership, the township hired a new public Health Department officer and hired contact tracers in response to the pandemic. Having these people in place during this unprecedented time is especially important. Being able to trace the spread of COVID-19 helps keep our community safe. Getting a flu shot is particularly important this year considering the overlap of flu with COVID-19. Without appropriate personnel, this would not be possible.

In addition, Hopewell Township supports Womanspace every year with both a resolution and an event. Womanspace provides a safety net of supportive services to prevent abuse and protect families. These services further the welfare of our community.

Michael and Kevin share my concern for health and welfare. They will provide the leadership we need to continue making Hopewell Township the caring, nurturing, safe community we all want for our friends and families.

Deborah H. Cook

Hopewell Township