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Republican Morris seeks seat on Millstone Township governing body

MILLSTONE – Republican Chris Morris is seeking one of two available three-year terms on the Township Committee in Millstone Township in the 2020 election.

The other candidates in the race – independent candidate Tony Arpaia, Democrat Ray Dothard and Republican Michael McLaughlin – are profiled in separate articles.

Morris has been a resident of Millstone Township for 25 years and is a lifelong resident of the area. He has served as chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission since 2014 and said he led the development of the first two phases of Millstone Park and created new programs, new online registration procedures and a website for the commission.

“Throughout my life, Millstone Township has given a great deal to me and now I would
like to give back to a community I cherish,” Morris said. “Serving on the Township Committee requires an individual who can make important decisions and work well as a team with others to run the township effectively.

“I am not afraid to make tough decisions. I pride myself on my ability to read situations well, listen to all points of view with an open mind and come to conclusions that are fair and equitable. If I am elected to the Township Committee, I will make decisions based on policy, procedure and facts to ensure the outcome is as positive as it can be for the most residents possible.

“I am an effective communicator and I believe in working as a team, but I can also divide and conquer when needed to accomplish goals. Full transparency and partnership are integral to the success of any organization. Lastly, since I am a Millstone Township business owner, I am able to devote the necessary time to this position and would be able to quickly respond to the town’s needs during the week,” he said.

In his professional career, Morris is a managing partner of a 50-plus employee security-technology business in Millstone Township. He previously worked for Bank of America.

“As a local community businessman, I understand the concerns of doing business within our borders. Over the years, I have developed relationships with many other local business owners. We have discussed various ways of promoting our businesses and increasing our success levels. Working together benefits not only the businesses, but residents as well.

“Having a seat on the Township Committee will increase the awareness of the business community’s concerns. In addition, my business skills will be beneficial in keeping taxes affordable by maximizing shared services and other creative methods,” Morris said.

If elected, Morris said he will work as part of the governing body to stay true to the township’s master plan.

“Affordable housing is an issue for all towns, so I will strive to ensure we remain compliant and immune (to affordable housing litigation) while maintaining our quality of life,” he said.

Morris said he would work to increase the speed of road and facility maintenance and repairs; work to increase safety at local intersections; improve township communications with residents to ensure well-informed citizens and to promote community involvement; and open Millstone Park with the most amenities possible while remaining fiscally responsible.

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