Spotswood council president running for mayor steps down from position


SPOTSWOOD–A new person will hold the gavel, now that the Borough Council has voted to appoint Councilman Ted Ricci as the governing body’s new council president.

For the mayoral election, former Council President Larry Kraemer and resident/previous mayoral candidate Jackie Palmer are running to secure the open mayoral seat, which holds a four-year term.
Election Day is Nov. 3.
“[Former] Council President Kraemer has stated he stepped down to concentrate on his campaign for mayor,” Mayor Edward Seely said.
Seely has chosen not to run for re-election.
The council voted and approved a resolution to appoint Ricci as the new council president on Oct. 5 during the council meeting via video conference.
“The procedure for picking a council president is done through the existing council members. He was nominated by Councilman Charlie Spicuzzo and no others showed interest and Ricci accepted,” Seely said.
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