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Spotswood mayor updates residents regarding positive COVID-19 cases


SPOTSWOOD–Updating residents about the latest news relating to the pandemic, Mayor Edward Seely announced that the borough has 132 total confirmed positive COVID-19 cases since March.

“On to our numbers: they are climbing again, but that was to be expected since a lot of restrictions are being lifted, together with the change in weather. We are now at 132 positives and, thankfully yet sadly, we remain at four lost souls,” Seely said in a prepared statement dated Sept. 29.

“The information I received lately seems to indicate an increase in younger adults testing positive; most likely because our seniors are being a little more careful, while our youth, well, let’s face it, we all thought we were invincible at that age,” Seely said in the statement.

Seely said he hopes all is well with everyone’s families.

“Fall is upon us, and, as I mentioned in a previous letter, I spend my weekends in the Poconos. It is amazing how a two-hour drive to a change of scenery can relieve so much stress,” Seely said in the statement. “If you’d like to see how well it works, take a ride northeast this weekend; the forecast looks good, and the colors are changing rapidly. It’s beautiful.”

Seely said the Schweitzer-Mauduit property is up for sale, and there have already been three parties in touch with him regarding usage and what the town would be receptive to. None of the inquiries regard housing since the area is zoned commercial and the borough is working toward keeping it that way.

“Shall we talk a bit about rumor mills? Unfortunately, there are those who would go out of their way to disrupt our lives with misinformation. This holds true for everything that is currently being done within the borough, as well as with any plans the candidates in the current election cycle have for the future,” Seely said in the statement. “Please do not fall into that trap. Take the time to ask the individuals, themselves, rather than buying into what may be posted on social media. This is an especially important election year.”

Seely said there are a number of challenges ahead for those seeking office, mostly due to COVID-19 and its financial impact.

“For me, the most important question is not whether you are going to raise or lower my taxes, but what are you going to do with those taxes?” Seely said in the statement. “All these candidates should, and some do, have meet and greets. Get out there, they need to hear from you! You need solid information to make the right choice. Please practice safe protocols at any event you attend.”

In the spirit of Spooky Season, Seely said the Department of Recreation will soon be unveiling its Halloween event on the borough’s website and the Recreation Facebook page.

“The borough currently has no plans to shut down the usual door-to-door trick-or-treaters. If it stays that way, I would strongly recommend safe protocols,” Seely said in the statement. “Treats usually come in individual wrappers in a large bag. For everyone’s safety, I suggest using gloves to hand out the treats, and I would advise against anything that is not wrapped, such as fruit. I have been asked why I don’t cancel the holiday and my answer is simple: at some point, people must assume responsibility.”

Seely said he is closing with one of his favorite quotes from Walt Disney, as it seems more relevant today than ever: “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”

“We often see children in a defenseless, naïve state, but we fail to acknowledge that they are the people of tomorrow,” Seely said in the statement. “There is an opportunity for the world to become an amazing place for innovation, knowledge, and prosperity, and that opportunity is in their hands.”


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