The Bridge Academy holds eighth grade graduation after months-long postponement


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Bridge Academy postponed its annual 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony from June until Sept. 30. Staff and families gathered in the parking lot in a socially distanced ceremony to honor their transition to high school.

“Parents, take a moment and remember your child when they were young, elementary school, their joy as well as their struggles. Look at them now. The journey has had ups and downs, laughter and tears, disappointments and also success. For these students success has been much more than the norm since their arrival at The Bridge Academy,” Principal Sue Morris said at the ceremony, according to information provided by the academy on Oct. 14.

“You take action by including other people to help you,” Morris said in the statement. “Critical to success is stopping to recognize when you have achieved, feel proud and embrace believing in yourself. Believe, to know you can. Believe and accept that is true that you have already been successful.

Twelve students transitioned from eighth to ninth grade.

“Yes, you are still on the same campus, going to the same school, and yet there are differences for you at the high school level,” Morris said in the statement. “Now each of your classes become a course with credits earned and a final grade for your transcript. Now you will be expected to continue to build and show your independence.”

The Bridge Academy is an independent school for students with language-based learning disabilities, like dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and ADHD. It is the only Orton-Gillingham accredited program in New Jersey. For more information about The Bridge Academy, call 609-844-0770 or visit