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Travel from the earth to the moon through new virtual experience

Travel from the earth to the moon through new virtual experience
The Lawrence Hopewell Trail canceled its Full Moon Ride, but instead created Journey to the Moon, a way to walk/run/jog miles virtually.

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) announce the 2020-21 Journey to the Moon, a virtual event that brings LHT fans together to collectively hike and bike 238,000 miles to the moon.

Journey to the Moon was launched to the LHT’s loyal social media followers on Oct. 2 to celebrate the first of this month’s two full moons, and will run through March 1, 2021.

The event hopes to rally fans and friends to collectively log enough miles to travel from the earth to the moon. That 238,000-mile journey is a bit daunting, so each earth mile will be recorded in “LHT Miles.” Each LHT mile will equal 22 miles, or the length of the LHT, making the virtual journey 10,818 LHT miles in length, according to a statement provided by event organizers.

Participants can log miles on or off the LHT by biking, walking, jogging, skating, walking the dog, or even from a treadmill or spin bike. All ages and fitness levels are welcome, and groups are encouraged.

Participants can log their miles using the Journey to the Moon uploader and view the Journey to the Moon tracker to check collective progress. They are also invited to follow the Journey to the Moon Facebook Group for updates, fun facts, and to share progress #LHTJourneytotheMoon

Over the coming weeks the LHT will offer personal mileage trackers, fundraising opportunities, a series of fun facts and pop culture trivia through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Journey to the Moon was created as a way to foster connection and inspire trail use despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the LHT to cancel its annual Full Moon Ride, according to the statement.

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) is a 22+ mile bicycle and pedestrian trail and transportation corridor through public and private land in Lawrence and Hopewell townships. The Lawrence Hopewell Trail Corporation is a nonprofit organization that depends on the community for support. The LHT is a key member of the Circuit Trails, an 800-mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails connecting people to jobs, communities, and parks in the Greater Philadelphia Region. For more information about the LHT, visit www.lhtrail.org.