East Brunswick approves resolution authorizing alcohol service at Park Chateau Hotel

EAST BRUNSWICK–The Township Council approved a resolution issuing a plenary retail consumption license to F&B Chateau, LLC for the Park Chateau Hotel.

State law provides that a municipality may issue a plenary retail consumption license to an applicant who operates a hotel and motel containing 100 guest sleeping rooms or who is constructing a new hotel and motel containing at least 100 guest rooms, according to the council.

Park Chateau Hotel is a luxury hotel located at 670 Cranbury Road.

Before the resolution was approved, Councilman Kevin McEvoy questioned Township Attorney Michael Baker, who confirmed that a plenary retail consumption license is a liquor license that will allow F&B Chateau Grande LLC to serve as many different beverages as it wishes. Baker said the license would also allow the hotel to serve alcohol at its restaurant, as well as for room service.

The council approved the resolution awarding the license on Oct. 12 via video conference.

The applicant is presently operating a hotel which includes at least 100 guest sleeping rooms, according to the council.

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