Opinion: Vote to move our schools in the right direction

I am a parent in Pennington with children who have yet to enter the school system. When they do, I look forward to having my children enter a school system that is more diverse than the one I grew up in (I was one of a handful of Asian students growing up) and reflects where we want to be as a community, and I look forward to meeting the teachers and working with them to provide a productive and enjoyable learning experience for my children.

When it came time to vote, I was excited to learn that there were three candidates running together for the Hopewell Valley Regional Board of Education who would reflect my values: Ross Gordon, Andrea Driver,and Anita Williams-Galiano. Being teachers, the opportunity to elect Mr. Gordon and Ms. Driver into the school board is the first step of the kind of partnership that I hope to continue as a parent – namely, to enable to teachers to do what they do best. Ms. Williams-Galiano rounds out the three with her business experience and her experience as a person of color.

This trio running for school board is, I hope, the first of many potential school board candidates who prioritize the opinions and experience of teachers and will reflect our increasingly diverse community. As I prepare myself for my own children entering the school system, I plan on laying down the groundwork for their future by casting my votes for Gordon, Driver and Williams-Galiano.

Steve Wong