Keyport officials distribute grants to help businesses impacted by virus

KEYPORT – The Keyport Borough Council has authorized the distribution of $136,000 to assist businesses that have been affected by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

On Nov. 2, council members held a special meeting to authorize grants to businesses in the Keyport Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) district.

Funding was provided through the Neighborhood Preservation Program COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grant Program, which is run by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

According to a resolution, municipal officials applied for pandemic relief funds to support qualified small businesses in the NPP.

Keyport was awarded $182,000 to provide direct mortgage, rent or utility cost assistance to small businesses; to fund the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other activities to support NPP businesses; and to cover program administration costs.

On the recommendation of the NPP coordinator, $136,000 in direct grants will be awarded to qualified small businesses. The remaining $46,000 in grant funds will be reserved for the other uses cited in the council’s resolution.

The direct grants to the businesses range from $600 to $7,500, according to the resolution.

Mind & Muscle Gymm LLC (Real Gymm) was awarded $7,500; Keyport Diner Corp. was awarded $6,300; and Nemo Inc. was awarded $6,000.

New Jupiter Media Inc. and Uptown Keyport Bar & Grill LLC were each awarded $5,500; and Keyport Liquor 56 Inc. and The Bread Collective LLC (Planet Bagel) were each awarded $5,000, according to a grant awards summary.

Sisters and Brothers Restaurant LLC was awarded $4,800; Drew’s Bayshore Bistro was awarded $4,400; and Villaglo Pizza Corp Italian Touch was awarded $4,200.

Timber Hill Associates LLC (Burlew’s) and Magic Touch (both owned by Edward Burlew) were each awarded $3,600; while Super-Dog Grooming, LLC and Keyport Nails were each awarded $3,400.

Broken Heart Tattoos, LLC, 32 West Salon, Old Glory and McDonagh’s Pub (the last two both owned by Kenneth Schwartz) were each awarded $3,300.

Stress Free Body was awarded $3,200; and Taboo Tattoos, Nicken 5 LLC (Uncle Louie G), Marla A. Dunn (Fast Copy Printing Center), Across Agency Inc. and Keyport Pizza and Restaurant Inc. were each awarded $3,000, according to the grant awards summary.

Beauty Sleep Lash Lounge was awarded $2,800; Shine Hair and Nail Salon was awarded $2,700; Gerber Salon and 100 WFRONT LLC were each awarded $2,500; 3 Broads Market Corp – Funhouse was awarded $2,300; and Supreme Soul Healing and Learning Center and Clementine’s Emporium were each awarded $2,000.

Officials said $1,500 each was awarded to Comfort Care Home Healthcare, Divant Elegance Dogge Couture and Keyport Music; $1,200 was awarded to Kantor and Linderroth; $1,000 was awarded to Professional Counseling Agency LLC; and $600 was awarded to CRS Consulting.