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Republicans lead in race for two seats on Millstone governing body

Two Republican candidates are leading in their bids to win their first three-year terms on the Township Committee in Millstone Township.

The 2020 municipal election in Millstone Township saw Republicans Christopher Morris and Michael A. McLaughlin Jr., Democrat Raymond Dothard and independent candidate Tony Arpaia seek a position on the governing body.

At present, Republicans hold a 5-0 majority on the Township Committee.

As of Nov. 8, Morris, with 3,620 votes, and McLaughlin, with 3,063 votes, were leading in the race for two seats. Dothard had 1,814 votes and Arpaia had 1,866 votes, according to unofficial results posted online by the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office.

The results are unofficial and will remain unofficial until they are certified.

Morris has been a resident of Millstone for 25 years. He has served as chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission since 2014. He is a managing partner of a security-technology business.

In an interview prior to the election, Morris said if he was elected, he would work to increase the speed of road and facility maintenance and repairs; work to increase safety at local intersections; improve township communications with residents to ensure well-informed citizens and to promote community involvement; and open the new Millstone Park with the most amenities possible while remaining fiscally responsible.

McLaughlin has lived in Millstone for 24 years. His professional experience has been in human resources, specifically in employee relations, talent acquisition operations, and auditing/reporting.

In an interview prior to the election, he said, “My goals as a committeeman will be to promote efficient, effective government while maintaining affordable property taxes, good education facilities for children and a great quality of life for all residents.

“I would like to foster a greater sense of community in Millstone through existing community-driven events with the goal of improving residents’ connections to their community,” McLaughlin said.

Dothard has been a resident of Millstone for 29 years. He chairs the township’s Veterans Memorial Council. He is retired following a career in aviation.

Dothard said that as a member of the Township Committee, he would “look for ways to increase revenue other than just property taxes. We can finally see some commercial development along the Millstone Township section of Route 33; I have been calling for this for years.”

Arpaia has been a resident of Millstone for 22 years. He is a member of the Planning Board and previously served with the Millstone Township First Aid Squad. He said his knowledge of the township would be an asset as a member of the governing body.

“Also, with my many years of experience running my own businesses and being an entrepreneur, it is the natural progression for me at this time to assist with the inner workings” of the municipality, Arpaia said.

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