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East Brunswick schools will go fully remote from Nov. 16 to Jan. 11 to stay ahead of winter holidays

EAST BRUNSWICK–Superintendent Victor Valeski has announced that the East Brunswick Public Schools District will return to a full remote schedule on Nov. 16 due to ongoing COVID-19 cases.

“Based on a comprehensive review of our current and forecasted positive COVID-19 and close contact trends, East Brunswick Public Schools will move to 100% remote instruction on Monday, Nov. 16. Our planned return to our Hybrid Instructional Model will be Jan. 11, 2021,” Valeski said in a prepared statement on Nov.10.

“I am making this difficult decision for the protection of all our schools’ populations. By moving quickly to remote learning for this period of time, which includes Thanksgiving and our winter recess, we can position ourselves for a safe return on Jan. 11,” Vaeski said in the statement.

Valeski said there will be no supplemental instruction for the remainder of this week so each school’s administrative team can plan for a distribution of any student material needed during this remote period.

During the remote period:

  • Meal distributions will continue.
  • There will be no Early Morning Program, After School Kids Program or Remote Learning Centers.
  • All other scheduled non-instructional school activities will continue at this time.

“Each school’s principal will be communicating to their students and families with specifics about our shift from hybrid to full-time remote instruction,” Valeski said in the statement. “Again, full-time remote instruction begins Nov. 16 and we will plan to return to hybrid instruction on Jan. 11, 2021.

“I know this is difficult news for some of our community. We are still here to answer your questions and address your concerns. We are East Brunswick. We have gotten this far together and together we can get through this difficult period in our recovery. Let’s make safe practices a habit to ensure our return on Jan. 11,” he said in the statement.

On Nov. 10, Valeski also announced that confirmed positives COVID-19 cases were reported at Churchill Junior High School and East Brunswick High School.

At Churchill, Valeski said one staff member tested positive for COVID-19 with six additional staff and four students as associated close contacts. One Remote Learning Model student tested positive for COVID-19, but has not been in school with no associated close contacts.

At the high school, Valeski said one student tested positive for COVID-19 with five additional students and five staff as associated close contacts.

Valeski said in the statement that it is important to note that all the affected individuals at both schools were immediately quarantined.

“I believe our sudden increase in positive COVID-19 test results and associated close contacts is directly related to our school break last week,” Valeski said in the statement. “I want to applaud the East Brunswick community for your vigilant efforts in helping to keep our schools’ communities safe up to this point.”

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