Spotswood superintendent confirms positive COVID-19 cases at high school

SPOTSWOOD–Since launching a hybrid schedule on Oct. 26, Superintendent Graham Peabody confirmed that two Spotswood High School students have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We are spending a lot of time with reports and investigations. In terms of COVID-19 contact, most of which I will tell you has been deemed as casual contact and close contact. After a review with School Safety Specialist Michael Mastroserio again on [Nov. 3], luckily, at this point, all of our close contacts have turned out negative,” Peabody said.

It seems that the district, Peabody said, has at this point far more cases in general that are in its virtual population than in the district’s hybrid or in-person population, but obviously, that could change at any time.

Peabody said he sent an email last week reminding parents and staff that there is the possibility of the district announcing a virtual day by school building based on confirmed COVID-19 cases.

“[L]ike communication on a snow day, that if we get a call on Sunday night about a case, or on a Wednesday evening and Mastroserio and I are not able to gather information if we’re not able to get ahold of the county, the time may come where we will have to announce a virtual day by building, not for the district, based on where things are at,” Peabody said. “So I just want to remind parents, remind our community, of that possibility, even though I don’t have anything right now that would push us in that direction.”

Peabody said the district will continue its “Quick Links” on its website to help keep parents informed about the latest COVID-19 news pertaining to the school district and the state.

“I want to thank the team for their efforts for everything they’re doing for our staff, for their continued efforts on behalf of our parents of children, and quite honestly, from most of the communication that I’m getting our community has been incredibly understanding and supportive. So, that is a good thing in this environment,” Peabody said.

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