Why is Hallmark scheduling not viewer-friendly?


Question: I’ve noticed that the listings for Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries aren’t corresponding with what the channels are now showing. Particularly that the HM&M movies, originally scheduled at 9/8c, are now listed on screen as airing at 10/9c. I am sorry to see that Hallmark is changing times, which is inconvenient in the Central time zone that has late news at 10 p.m./CT. Just wondering why the change and which one to believe. —John W

Matt Roush: I consulted my in-house Hallmark expert to confirm this, and it’s true that while as in past years, it had been announced that the new Hallmark Channel movies and new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movies were airing just an hour apart (Hallmark at 8/7c and HM&M at 9/8c), that has now changed to a 10 p.m./9c start date for the HM&M Christmas originals. Nearly every year, I’ve fielded complaints from viewers about the overlap, having to choose between the last hour of one movie and the first hour of the second (from those unable to record both or either), and this move appears to be the logical fix, not to start one new movie until the other on the opposite channel has finished. An even more logical move, if you ask me, would have been to start one at 7/6c and the other at 9/8c, because staying up till midnight/ET to finish a Hallmark movie seems an awfully big ask.

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