Recount will be conducted in race for seat on Howell Township Council

HOWELL – A recount will be conducted in a race in which two candidates are seeking a four-year term on the Howell Township Council.

Republican Evelyn O’Donnell, who is seeking her second term, and Democrat Andre de Garmeaux, who is seeking his first term, squared off in the Nov. 3 election.

According to results posted online by the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office, O’Donnell received 15,415 votes and De Garmeaux received 15,095 votes.

State Superior Court Judge Linda Grasso Jones, sitting in Freehold, has granted a request from de Garmeaux for a recount of the results.

On Nov. 25, de Garmeaux told the Tri-Town News that representatives from both campaigns met and agreed to a recount. He said the campaigns are waiting for a date for the recount to be set.

“I think there is enough merit from what I have been told to do (a recount). I do not think this is folly, it is definitely not sour grapes or anything like that. There are questions and there are (more than 300 ballots) that fall into question,” de Garmeaux said.

In the Nov. 3 election, Democrat Theresa Berger was elected to her second four-year term as Howell’s mayor. Berger turned back a challenge from Republican Suzanne Brennan.

According to results posted online by the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office, Berger received 16,615 votes and Brennan received 14,392 votes.

In Howell’s form of government, the mayor is directly elected by voters and serves as a member of the five-person Township Council.