Millstone Township planners approve construction of warehouse


MILLSTONE – The Millstone Township Planning Board has approved an applicant’s proposal to consolidate three lots into one lot and to construct a 132,930-square-foot warehouse/office building off Route 33.

On Nov. 10, representatives of Scannell Properties appeared before the board and presented a plan to consolidate three lots at 801/851 Farrington Blvd. and 1 DeBaun Road into one lot and to construct a warehouse with office space at that location.

Attorney Kenneth Pape presented the application on behalf of Scannell Properties.

The property is in Millstone Township’s Planned Commercial Development (PCD) zone and is bounded by Route 33 to the south, DeBaun Road to the east, Farrington Boulevard to the north and the Xtreme Machines dealership to the west.

Monroe Township is across Farrington Boulevard from the property in Millstone Township.

Pape said the building will not have direct access to or from Route 33. The access points to the building will be internal on the site. DeBaun Road intersects Route 33.

The building will be 132,930 square feet in size, with two separate office spaces totaling  7,700 square feet. Each office will have its own exterior access. The size of the property is slightly more than 12 acres.

The warehouse space will encompass 125,230 square feet and have a 32-foot clearance. In the center of the building along one wall, a fire pump room and an electrical room were proposed, each with their own exterior door.

A total of 29 roll-down trailer doors were proposed along the building’s northern wall and two drive-in trailer access points were proposed in the northeast and northwest corners of the building, according to the application.

“The building is intended to be a handsome, well-designed building,” Pape said. “It is intended to be one (the applicant) would be proud of. It has considerable architectural features and the architectural features around the entrance are prominently visible from the Route 33 corridor.”

Following a discussion of the technical aspects of the plan, the board members granted the applicant approval to consolidate the three existing lots into one lot and to construct the warehouse/office building on the new lot.

Scannell Properties sought variances for the building’s height (37 feet were requested where a maximum of 35 feet is permitted) and lot coverage (25% was requested where a maximum of 20% is permitted. Both variances were granted by the board members.

Representatives of the applicant said the warehouse does not have a tenant. They said the building will be constructed with the expectation that a tenant will eventually use the warehouse and office space.

The property in Millstone Township is several miles from Exit 8 of the New Jersey Turnpike in East Windsor. The turnpike has direct access to and from Route 33.