Why do so many shows have to be about COVID?


Question: There are so many shows adding COVID in the mix. Can we not escape, at least for an hour? —Robin

Matt Roush: The fact that we’re living through this challenging time in history is exactly why many shows on TV are reflecting the crisis. If it’s escape you seek, there are countless shows to watch. But to expect producers to ignore what’s happening, especially on medical
dramas, is disingenuous. Their shows honor the frontline workers while telling their fictional stories, and when contemporary comedies like The Conners and black-ish reflect how the pandemic has affected their very different families’ lives, that’s what makes them relevant. Ditto with police dramas that are facing the social unrest of 2020. To do otherwise would be irresponsible. When people look back on this season of This Is Us, and see characters wearing masks and children learning from home, it will act as a snapshot of a specific point in time, and that’s important.

Question: Do you think Password will come back? —Ann

Matt Roush: I’d like to think so, because this was always one of my favorites. I’m not sure the classic version would fit in terms of tone with what they’re reviving these days, which tend to be louder and more gimmicky. But if they gave it a try, I’d be there.

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