East Brunswick council prohibits pets from entering public, private properties


Lead the Way's Peaches waits patiently as he was one of the dogs you could adopt at the Princeton Brandywine BBQ

EAST BRUNSWICK–The Township Council adopted an ordinance prohibiting large animal owners from letting their pets roam on public and/or private property.

The ordinance prohibits any dogs, cattle, horses, swine, fowl or other animals to run at large along public streets or in any public park, in any building or in any other public place within the township, or on private property without the permission of the owner.

Cats are exempt, according to the council.

On Nov. 9, when the ordinance was first introduced, resident Jeff Donnelly thanked the council for considering the change, and also thanked the East Brunswick Police Department for its assistance in bringing the ordinance forward.

“As you can imagine, we found it very unsettling when we were notified by township officials that there was absolutely nothing that we could do to stop by our neighbor’s animals from using our yard as their own,” Donnelly said. “We went through a lot of troubles, a lot of phone calls, and a lot of letter writing to try to bring this forward. We are very hopeful that the township moves forward with it as though the process.”

The council adopted the ordinance on Nov. 23 during the council meeting via video conference.

This ordinance will take effect 20 days after final passage, adoption and publication, according to the council.

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