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Will ‘The Outsider’ be picked up by another service?

Question: Well, HBO has canceled The Outsider. What are the odds of this great show being picked up by another service? —Justin

Matt Roush: The chances of The Outsider turning up somewhere else appear to be more promising than in most cases. For one, there’s the Stephen King factor. He’s still a popular draw; I’m among those looking forward to the new version of The Stand on CBS All Access that just started. But more to the point, there were reports that the writers and producers had made progress breaking stories and even scripts for a second season, and when HBO decided not to proceed with a second round, the network gave its blessing to the studio and producers, including Jason Bateman, who already has a good working relationship with Netflix with Ozark. I won’t be surprised if this turns up there or elsewhere.

Question: Please tell me there is interest in Filthy Rich from another network? It is just plain fun — remember those shows? —Debbie

Matt Roush: Having been around for the glory years of those prime-time soaps that dominated the 1980s and ’90s, I do remember those days. Sadly, with only a short season’s worth of episodes and no momentum, the likelihood of someone coming to this show’s rescue is slim to none.

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