Resident calls on Colts Neck officials to deal with dead trees

Ash trees infested with the ash bore beetle become brittle and unstable, and can fall catastrophically at any time.

The Colts Neck shade tree team and a state of New Jersey expert viewed ash trees in the Clover Hill section of Colts Neck.

Numerous ash trees showed signs of extensive rot and decay and little to no canopy, making them a potential risk to life and property.

The Colts Neck code official admitted having no training or time to inspect trees on private property.

Colts Neck claimed the infected trees were not an immediate risk and the trees are not near property lines or any structures. One infected 60-foot-tall ash tree crashed into my rear yard, crushing three fences.

With a massive dead ash 23 inches from my property and another 12 feet from my driveway, the fear of more destruction is real.

Colts Neck still refuses to apply our dead tree ordinance as written.

Come spring, take notice of large trees with little or no leaves, split bark, decayed and fallen branches. You may think you live in a safe neighborhood. Take caution of these potential destroyers of property and silent killers, especially where your children play.

Kevin M. O’Brien
Colts Neck