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Café Europa volunteers bring lunch, performances to Holocaust survivors

For many Holocaust survivors, getting out of the house and staying connected to the community was tough enough before the pandemic. Café Europa, a monthly lunch and entertainment event offered by Jewish Family Services (JFS) of Middlesex County, was something to look forward to. JFS helped survivors come together for a few hours of food, music, dancing and companionship with those who shared the same background.
Due to the COVID pandemic, Café Europa had been suspended since last March. So, JFS members decided that if survivors couldn’t come to them, they would take Café Europa to them.
Kosher lunches are now delivered to participants, and performances are brought into their living rooms via Zoom.
Sergio, a JFS volunteer, described his first experience delivering meals as “fun and easy.” The network security engineer works at a computer all day, but recently took the day off to bring lunch to Holocaust survivors.
“I’ve never done anything like that before,” he said. “It was nice to say hi to people and bring them something tasty to eat. I know I’d be pretty happy if somebody brought me lunch and dessert. I’d like to do it again next month.”
For more about the JFS Holocaust Survivor Program, visit https://jfsmiddlesex.org/holocaust-survivor-services/
To donate to JFS, visit https://jfsmiddlesex.org/donate-form/
* This information was provided by Jewish Family Services of Middlesex County.
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