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Eatontown council reorganizes for 2021; appoints municipal professionals

EATONTOWN – Kevin Gonzalez has been appointed to continue serving as president of the Borough Council in Eatontown for 2021.

The mayor and council members held their annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 1.

During the meeting, Democratic newcomer Danielle Jones and Republican incumbent Mark Reagan were sworn in to begin serving three-year council terms after winning the Nov. 3 election.

On the six-member Borough Council, Republicans hold four seats and Democrats hold two seats. The mayor’s office is held by independent Anthony Talerico Jr.

After all the members of the governing body were seated, Gonzalez was appointed by Talerico to serve as council president for 2021. His term was confirmed by his fellow council members.

Gonzalez is serving his third non-consecutive term on the Borough Council. He initially served from 2010-12 and returned to serve from 2013-16, before beginning his current term in 2020. Gonzalez also served as council president in 2020.

In separate resolutions, the council members confirmed Talerico’s nomination of Andrew Bayer as borough attorney for 2021.

Council members also confirmed the appointments of Meghan Bennett as bond attorney; Gene Anthony and Albert Rescinio as special counsel; Cleary Giacobbe Alfieri as labor attorney; Gagliano & Company as appraiser for tax appeals; Settembrino Architects as architect; Robert Oliwa as auditor; Edward Herrman as borough engineer; Brown & Brown as health insurance broker; Cleary Giacobbe Alfieri as prosecutor; Albert J. Rescinio as public defender; and Kevin Buchanan as alternate public defender.

The appointments of ARH Associates, Chapman Environmental and Maser Consulting as special projects engineer were also confirmed by the council. ARH Associates and Jennifer Beahm of Leon S. Avakian were appointed as borough planner.

Eatontown Medical Associates was appointed as borough physician, with Dynamic Testing Services appointed for alcohol/CDS (controlled dangerous substance) testing, and Dr. Michael Kahn appointed for employee assistance.

Appointed to the Planning Board were Jones to a one-year term, Barry Roth to a one-year term and William Diedrichsen to a four-year term.

Seth Mednick and Richard Liszanckie were appointed to four-year terms on the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Pamela Faccone was appointed to a two-year term as an alternate member on the Zoning Board.

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