Will CBS air the second season of Star Trek: Discovery?


Question: It was a treat for CBS to release Star Trek: Discovery on their regular network. Do you think there is any chance those of us without CBS All Access will get to see Season 2? —Larry

Matt Roush: Probably not, because the Trek spinoffs (including Picard and others in the pipeline) are critical to the brand identity of ViacomCBS’s streaming service, which in 2021 will be renamed Paramount+ to further distance it from the legacy linear network. You’re right that the first season of Discovery got that primetime exposure because of pandemic production delays, but it was also an effective commercial to try to lure fans such as yourself to give the streamer a look. If that’s not a possibility, your best bet to see future seasons will be the DVD route.

Question: I was wondering if you could provide some insight into why Aidy Bryant seems to be missing in action on Saturday Night Live! —MJ

Matt Roush: Aidy Bryant hasn’t been seen since the start of the season because she’s been far away from New York City, working in Portland, Oregon, on the third season of her Hulu comedy Shrill, on which production this year was delayed until fall, like so many others, by the pandemic. She’s still in SNL‘s opening credits, and when she’s free to return, she’ll be back.

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