Traffic roundabout planned for intersection near Jackson Liberty High School

JACKSON – In one of their first acts of business in the new year, the members of the Jackson Township Council have authorized the construction of a traffic roundabout at the intersection of North Hope Chapel Road and New Central Avenue.

North Hope Chapel Road is also known as Ocean County Route 639. The location of the planned improvement is near Jackson Liberty High School, which is at 125 North Hope Chapel Road.

Council President Andrew Kern, Vice President Martin Flemming, Councilman Alexander Sauickie, Councilman Stephen Chisholm and Councilman Nino Borelli passed a resolution authorizing the project during the council’s Jan. 12 meeting.

According to the resolution, the purpose of installing a traffic roundabout will be to reduce the number of motor vehicle collisions and injuries that occur at the intersection of North Hope Chapel Road and New Central Avenue.

Municipal officials indicated the construction project will be federally funded with the stipulation that the intersection be redesigned as a roundabout.

Council members approved the construction of the traffic roundabout provided it is constructed at no cost to local taxpayers and that it does not negatively impact property owners at the location.

Kern said council members are pleased the intersection is finally being addressed by Ocean County representatives.

“We passed a resolution agreeing with a proposed improvement by the Ocean County Roads Department to an intersection of two roads in the easternmost section of our township. This intersection has had far too many accidents over the years and we are happy to see it finally being addressed,” Kern said.

“This intersection directly impacts traffic exiting from Jackson Liberty High School. (The installation of) a traffic light could cause unnecessary backups and delays at the end of the school day or after an event.

“The modern traffic roundabout has been used successfully for many years at intersections near schools that have short bursts of high traffic, including Brookdale Community College in Middletown,” he said.

No timetable was provided for the construction of the traffic roundabout at North Hope Chapel Road and New Central Avenue.