Yassin will serve as Borough Council president in Red Bank for 2021

RED BANK – Councilman Hazim Yassin has been elected by his fellow members of the governing body to serve as president of the Borough Council in Red Bank for 2021.

The borough’s annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 1 was held in a virtual manner due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Incumbent Democratic councilmen Michael Ballard and Edward Zipprich, who were the winning candidates in the November election, were sworn in to begin serving new three-year terms prior to the meeting. A swearing-in ceremony was conducted at Marine Park.

Yassin, who has served on the council since 2019, was nominated by Zipprich to serve as council president for 2021. Councilwoman Kathy Horgan seconded the nomination. Yassin was elected in an unanimous vote by Ballard, Horgan, Zipprich, Councilwoman Kate Triggiano, Councilman Erik Yngstrom and himself.

Democrats hold all six council seats and the mayor’s office in Red Bank.

Also during the reorganization meeting, Mayor Pasquale Menna appointed Thomas Welsh and Yassin to one-year terms on the Planning Board (expiring Dec. 31, 2021); Kristina Bonatakis to a four-year term as the Environmental Commission’s representative on the Planning Board (expiring Dec. 31, 2024); David Cassidy to a two-year term as an alternate member on the Planning Board (expiring Dec. 31, 2022); and Erik Perry to a one-year term as the mayor’s alternate on the Planning Board (expiring Dec. 31, 2021).

The appointments were confirmed by the council members through a resolution.

Council members also consented to Menna’s appointments of Sean Murphy to a four-year term on the Zoning Board of Adjustment (expiring Dec. 31, 2024); and Matthew Anderson and Robert Frikker to two-year terms as alternate members on the zoning board (expiring Dec. 31, 2022).