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St. Ambrose cultivates lifelong learners

The mission of St. Ambrose is to cultivate confident and reflective lifelong learners whose personal goals and achievements are rooted in a foundation of Catholic doctrine, social self-awareness, and engaging academic experiences. The students of St. Ambrose are inspired to be dynamic members of our community and able to embrace the evolving challenges of today with a positive and assured mindset.
The nurturing & accredited educators of St. Ambrose ignite a passion for learning with innovative and differentiated instructional strategies, while encouraging opportunities for positive & meaningful peer collaboration. Our teachers foster a supportive, faith-based, environment built upon the principles of social-emotional learning and a “growth mindset” approach.
Our curriculum is designed to incorporate technology-infused applications and project-based learning that align with our data-driven standards of excellence for academic achievement. We rank in the in top 15th percentile nationally in Mathematics & Language Arts.
St. Ambrose offers full day academic programs in grades pre-kindergarten through grade 8, as well as before and after care. We provide an assortment of electives and technology enhanced initiatives including STEM, coding and “genius hour” along with interscholastic teams.
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