Councilwoman: Howell road crews kept working through pandemic

HOWELL – Councilwoman Evelyn O’Donnell said Howell’s government is moving forward despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic during the past year.

O’Donnell said, “although the pandemic is a horrible thing, our local government still moves forward and it is important that residents are aware that in fact, their local government is still working for them.

Speaking during a Jan. 26 Township Council meeting, she said, “At a (previous) meeting it was said that COVID had sort of restricted some of the things being done with the roads.

“I am happy to say that information might have been misleading to the public because while COVID happened last year, we actually paved more than 36 miles of roads, which was more than had been done in maybe eight to 10 years, or maybe 12 years, but I do not want to go that far,” O’Donnell said.

Work took place in Oak Glen, Point O’ Woods, Winston Park, Tanglewood and Candlewood … Freewood Acres was done, and along with that, crews did curbing concrete work and drainage work.

She said in 2021, there is an ambitious schedule for 26 miles of work. Work is planned for Brook Manor, Pine Brook Park, Howell Meadows and Aldrich Estates.

“Not only milling and paving, but concrete work and drainage work. Primary roads and connector roads are going to be looked at again, and we expect 26 miles of work this year.

“Needless to say, the more safety we have on the roads, the more milling, paving and work we want done, this council only needs to put that money in the budget so it can be done. All of that really lies with us,” O’Donnell said.

Councilwoman Pamela Richmond echoed O’Donnell’s words and said residents may report potholes online at

“I was reading the monthly report and our Department of Public Works guys filled 346 potholes. I said to (Township Manager Brian Geoghegan) that I hope that is part of the online application process to help get these potholes filled,” Richmond said.

Geoghegan said potholes that are filled are a combination of notifications from residents and problems that observed by DPW employees as they travel through town.

Richmond said Howell is a big town and she said it is important to give residents a way to report problems. She encouraged residents to use the online form to communicate with municipal officials.