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East Windsor, Hightstown residents deal with snowstorm


In the first snowstorm of 2021, East Windsor Township and Hightstown Borough were blanketed with nearly six inches of snow as soon as precipitation began falling Jan. 31 and continued all day and into the night Feb. 1.

East Windsor and Hightstown officials reminded residents to remove their cars from the street so their respective Departments of Public Works could plow the streets and clear them of the snow.

East Windsor residents also were reminded to clear the snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes, and to clear the snow from around the fire hydrants near their homes.

Students who were expecting a snow day, however, were out of luck. The East Windsor Regional School District held classes remotely on Feb. 1-3. The first two days were held remotely because of the snowstorm, but Feb. 3 was the district’s regularly scheduled day for remote instruction.

Hybrid instruction is set to resume Feb. 4.

While the snowfall did not affect the public schools, it did scramble trash collection in East Windsor and Hightstown. In Hightstown, trash that was slated to be collected Feb. 2 was rescheduled for Feb. 4. Likewise in East Windsor, trash that was intended to be collected Feb. 1 was rescheduled for Feb. 4.

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