Snow person celebrates Black History Month

A snow person at the corner of Patton and Newton streets in North Brunswick celebrates Black History Month with inspirational quotes.


The North Brunswick Flashlight Brigade continued their “shout outs” after this week’s snowstorm by posting inspirational and powerful quotes from Black leaders during Black History Month, courtesy of a snow person built at the corner of Patton and Newton streets.

The quote on Feb. 4 was, ”The time is always right to do what is right” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., followed by “Character is power” by Booker T. Washington on Feb. 5.

During the rest of the month, a quote of encouragement to pick up the spirits of the community and to highlight famous Black leaders who have inspired through the course of American history will be added.

The Flashlight Brigade consists of neighbors who live along Patton, Newton and Bradley streets; Davis and Douglas places; Bell Avenue; and Bradley Court who have, over the months since the start of COVID-19, sponsored food drives, thank you notes to first responders, congratulations notes to high school graduates, among other activities.

This special message by the Brigade is to encourage neighbors in North Brunswick to celebrate diversity by building a snow person or posting an inspirational and encouraging quote to celebrate Black History Month before the snow person disappears.

  • This information was provided by Pete Clark of the North Brunswick Flashlight Brigade.
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