South River council introduces ordinance establishing retail spaces uses

SOUTH RIVER–The Borough Council introduced an ordinance, which if adopted, will amend the municipal code to define permitted and conditional retail usage.

Borough Administrator Art Londensky said this ordinance further defines what certain retail uses are permitted uses and/or conditional uses in certain zones: any use or establishment, generally open to the public, primarily engaged in the sale, resale, or rental of merchandise, or provision of personal services, most often to individuals or households, according to the council.

The term “retail” will be broadly defined to contain all types of retail stores serving a widely distributed clientele and will include, but will not be limited to: sale of any type of merchandise, convenience stores, supermarkets, discount stores, warehouse clubs, food stores, drug stores, liquor stores, hardware stores, bakeries, jewelry stores, clothing stories, department stores, automotive sales, lumber and building materials, office supplies or furniture, according to the council.

The council introduced and approved the ordinance on Jan. 25 during the council meeting via video conference. The second and final reading is scheduled for Feb. 8.

A retail provision of personal services involving the care of a person or his/her property including but not limited to: laundry services, dry cleaning, driving-though auto care, urgent care facilities, veterinary care, rental of clothing, rental of equipment, home improvement product showrooms, museums, theaters, amusement and recreation, spas, health clubs, gyms, personal training, dance/karate/yoga/art/music studios, professional training schools, bank branches, real estate sales, and sales of personal financial/insurance/investment products and services, according to the council.

Londensky said the council feel that this ordinance was needed for further clarification for retail types of use and zone determination.

Retail sales will include by definition and permit incidental assembly, repair, service or provision of similar services which are generally accessory to the sale of goods and which are necessary to provide a finished good for sale or to maintain personal property, according to the council.

This ordinance will take effect once approved and adopted on its second reading in accordance with the law, according to the council.

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