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Procaccini appointed as zoning officer in Millstone Township

MILLSTONE – A new zoning officer has been hired in Millstone Township.

On Feb. 3, Township Committee members appointed Nicholas Procaccini as the township’s zoning officer. Officials said Procaccini has the appropriate credentials for zoning certification and enforcement that are needed to hold the position.

He has previously worked for Millstone as the assistant code enforcement officer and recycling coordinator under Dan Specht.

According to a resolution, Procaccini’s appointment became effective on Feb. 1 and his term will expire by Dec. 31, after which he may be reappointed by the governing body. He will receive an annual salary of $15,000.

The municipal website states that code enforcement officials are tasked with maintaining the health, safety and welfare of residents while protecting property values. The code enforcement officials work with residents to solve and abate violations while protecting property, personal rights and freedoms with the intent of keeping Millstone an enviable place to live.

According to the municipal website, the Office of Code Enforcement and Zoning is filled on a part-time basis.

In other business, committee members extended a contract with Central Jersey Waste and Recycling Inc. for Millstone Township’s curbside spring cleanup program.

According to a resolution, Central Jersey Waste and Recycling will receive $25,995 and a $90 per ton disposal fee. The award of the contract is contingent upon the adoption of the 2021 municipal budget, which has not yet been adopted by the Township Committee.

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