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Meet Greenwood House’s 2020 centenarians

Theresa C. a centenarian at Greenwood House

Several 100-year-old-plus residents at Greenwood House’s long-term care facility and assisted living facility, Abrams Residence, shared their secrets to longevity.

Bessie B.: “Be happy because life is what you make it.”

Theresa C.: “Live life to the fullest.” 

Ruth G.: “My secret: Keep laughing!”

Bessie B., Theresa C., Ruth G., Sylvia A., Lucy J. and Etta H. are the centenarians at Greenwood House, and most have been a part of the Greenwood House family for several years.

“These extraordinary residents are the living examples of aging with attitude. Each one of them represents so much more than their age,” Greenwood House Executive Director Richard Goldstein said in a prepared statement. “We honor them for their positivity, longevity and for sharing their wisdom and talents. We can learn a lot from a generation that has lived through so many incredible events like the Spanish flu, Great Depression, world wars, prosperity, conflict, COVID-19 and the advent of life-changing technology.”

“Centenarians are beacons of life in our community,” Rachel Watlington, Greenwood House director of Life Enrichment, said in the statement. “Be it their positive attitude, their lifestyle, faith or genetics, they are living examples of how to age with attitude, dignity and grace. Their contributions are certainly worthy of celebration – Every single day.”

“One of the mainstays of our mission at Greenwood House is life enrichment and family. Our residents’ families and caretakers are also a key component in our daily circle of care, and communication and transparency is what makes us unique and why families love the way we care,” Cara Willis, director Social of Work, said in the statement.

“While it’s not every day you get to celebrate a person turning 100, it’s fairly common at Greenwood House Senior Healthcare. It’s the truth – here are six hallmark women right here,” Goldstein said in the statement.

Etta H., a centenarian at Greenwood House
Lucy J., a centenarian at Greenwood House
Ruth G., a centenarian at Greenwood House
Sylvia A., a centenarian at Greenwood House
Bessie B., a centenarian at Greenwood House
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