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Filis appointed to open seat on Millstone Township school board

MILLSTONE – Theodore Filis is the newest member of the Millstone Township K-8 School District Board of Education.

On Feb. 8, board members appointed Filis to a vacant seat on the panel. Business Administrator-Board Secretary Bernard Biesiada administered the oath of office to Filis.

One other resident, Deborah Riley, also applied for the appointment, according to district administrators.

Filis will assume the seat that was previously held by Shannon Pulaski, who resigned from the board in December 2020. Pulaski began her first term on the board in January 2020 and her term was scheduled to run through 2022.

The appointed term held by Filis will expire at the end of 2021. In November, Filis or any other qualified individual may seek election to complete the final year of what had been Pulaski’s three-year term.

The November election for the Millstone school board will have three three-year terms on the ballot and two one-year terms on the ballot.

One of the available one-year terms is for the seat currently held by Filis and the second available one-year term is for the seat currently held by Angela Munoz.

Munoz was appointed to the board in late 2020 to fill the seat previously held by Mary Waskovich, who began serving her first three-year term on the board in January 2020 and resigned late in the year.

Filis and Munoz are joined on the Board of Education by President Cynthia Bailey, Vice President Christine Reese and board members Peter Bonafide, Billy Hanson, Mark McLafferty, John Saxton and Amrita Singh.

The board oversees the operation of the school district which includes the Millstone Township Primary School, the Millstone Township Elementary School and the Millstone Township Middle School.

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