Change societal ways with the Golden Rule

The culture and politics of our nation has declined. Identity politics and group thinking overtakes. The mainstream media only reports the “safe” issues while salient developments are not reported.

Instead of concentrating on each individual’s liberty and freedom, there is a propensity to examine such inherent rights from a group perspective.

“Diversity” and “inclusiveness” are the new key words for implementation at higher education institutions and our workplaces.

This is all unnecessary if our government, our people, our institutions, would honor the universal principle of the Golden Rule – “Treat every human being as you would want to be treated.”

If families, schools, colleges, communities, states, our nation would focus on that simple universal rule, there would be no need for group identity politics.

If that simple rule was applied and lived, there would be no strife, no racism, no wars, no storming of the Capitol; uncivil behavior toward each other would not exist.

While there may be socio-economic differences, all human beings are equal in worth and value. Humanity must apply the Golden Rule if we are to advance the cause of equality, liberty, freedom, love, hope and peace.

To regain our moral compass in culture and society, the Golden Rule must become a reality. All religions should promote the Golden Rule. Who would not agree to the logic and necessity of the Golden Rule, especially during these tumultuous times?

Deborah Smarth