Princeton Cannabis Task Force seeks volunteers

The Princeton Council is seeking volunteers to serve on the fledgling Princeton Cannabis Task Force, which will explore the impact of the legalization of marijuana in Princeton.

The deadline to apply to serve on the task force is March 1.

It is expected that the study will take about six to eight months to complete. Each member can anticipate spending 10 to 15 hours per month on task force-related issues.

Volunteers must either live in Princeton, own a business in Princeton or work at a Princeton business. Volunteers may also work at an organization that is located in Princeton.

New Jersey voters approved the legalization of marijuana in November 2020.

Princeton Councilwoman Eve Niedergang proposed the task force, which will serve in an advisory capacity to the mayor and Princeton Council. It will provide input in three main areas, including whether the town would allow a cannabis dispensary.

If the Princeton Council permits a cannabis dispensary in town, the task force also will discuss whether tax revenue from the sale of marijuana in a dispensary could be dedicated to a specific purpose.

The task force will consider educational aspects of marijuana legalization, and how those educational efforts may be targeted to specific audiences – persons under 21 years old, adults and senior citizens.

Finally, the task force will work with the Princeton Police Department and the Princeton Municipal Court prosecutor to shape enforcement policies for minors who possess or use marijuana, and adult use of the drug in public.

The application form asks would-be volunteers about why there are interested in serving on the task force, and about their previous involvement in the issue. They are also asked about potential conflicts of interest, if they are chosen to serve on the task force.

Also, the application form asks for the relevant professional or volunteer experience that they would bring to the group, and whether they had previously served on any of Princeton’s advisory boards, committees or commissions.

Persons who have questions may contact Princeton Councilwoman Eve Niedergang, Princeton Councilwoman Leticia Fraga or Princeton Councilwoman Michelle Pirone Lambros.