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Now Revealed: Learn the secret method to reclaim your smile and eat what you want

Robert Korwin DMD, MAGD, MICOI

This is the dental secret you wish you knew ages ago to correct a lifelong problem with your missing or damaged teeth


By Robert Korwin, DMD, MAGD, MICOI

ReI would like to share a secret with you that solves the dental problems many people have suffered with for many years.

How many times have you begun your day wondering how to eat, which side of your mouth hurts the least and how can you enjoy your favorite crunchy or chewy foods without pain? Even whether to eat those foods at all? Have you given up eating in public or with friends because of embarrassment?

Many years ago, I was extremely fortunate to begin helping many patients find the almost instant, painless solution for these dental problems. My patients comfortably eat whatever they want, smile confidently without hiding a hand in front of their mouth, and their dentistry can last almost indefinitely with extraordinarily little maintenance.

The secret to smiling and functioning normally is the implant supported bridge made of a miracle material called zirconia. I avoid the older plastic materials because they break, stain, fade and absorb odors.

Just like a diamond, zirconia is almost unbreakable, is uniquely beautiful and can be shaped into a replacement for your teeth that is almost a duplicate of the teeth you grew up with.

I have helped many patients who are all thrilled that they uncovered this secret to a beautiful, functional, long lasting, effortless smile. My practice provides the surgery for implants and zirconia bridges all at one location with one very experienced dentist. Please call to be introduced to this process for yourself.

Dr. Robert Korwin DMD, MAGD, MICOI, practices at Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch, 500 Route 35 in the Union Square Shopping Center, Suite 562, Second Floor, Red Bank.

For more information, call 732-219-8900 or visit drkorwin.com


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