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News Transcript On Campus, March 3

Hannah Lin of Manalapan, a junior Molecular Biology major at Grove City College, Grove City, Pa., has been named to the dean’s list with high distinction for the Fall 2020 semester. Hannah is the daughter of the Rev. Ben and Lisa Lin.

Brianna Cucinelli of Morganville has been named to the honors list at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus, Madison, for the 2020 spring semester. Brianna is majoring in marketing. Upon graduation this spring, she will pursue a master’s degree in pharmaceutical management at the Silberman College of Business. Brianna is the daughter of Robert and Bernadette Cucinelli.

The University of Hartford, West Hartford, Conn., has named the following students to the dean’s list for Fall 2020: Elana Bohm of Colts Neck, Robert DelSordi of Freehold, Jordyn Ferraro of Manalapan, Dylan Manu of Morganville, Nicholas Toto of Freehold and Alex Walker of Manalapan.

The following students at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus, Madison, have been named to the honors lists for the Spring 2020 semester: Marie Pietracatella of Freehold, Jessica Pietracatella of Freehold, Arianna Ciccone of Morganville, Nicholas Ficsor of Manalapan, Kaleigh Oplinger of Marlboro, Jonathan Weitzman of Marlboro, Nicole Castles of Morganville, Alexandra Buccine of Marlboro, Nicole Ray of Freehold, Brianna Cucinelli of Morganville, Lauren Eng of Manalapan, Thomas Ray of Freehold, Joshua Lupyan of Morganville, Kerry Gavaghen of Freehold, Michelle Castruita of Freehold, Emily Zonis of Manalapan, Ciara Hoffman of Freehold, Lauren Bujnowski of Colts Neck, Mackenzie Trigani of Colts Neck, Brianna Branagan of Manalapan, Ethan Lenza of Colts Neck, Alyssa Militello of Manalapan, Rachel Lapreta of Freehold, Max Sherman of Morganville, David Jolly of Freehold, Elizabeth Browning of Marlboro, Lucas Franco of Morganville and Erica Blackburn of Marlboro.

The following students at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, have been named to the honors lists for the Spring 2020 semester: Hanna Arostegui of Manalapan, Adrian Barajas of Freehold, Krystle Henriques of Marlboro, Mehrina Tabassum of Morganville, Austin Gere of Freehold, Joseph Batista of Colts Neck, Zachary Steinfeld of Freehold, Michael Cregan of Marlboro, Jake Gross of Morganville and Gerald Arminio of Morganville.

The following students at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus, Madison, have been named to the dean’s list for the Spring 2020 semester: Lisette Pelaez of Freehold, Charles Sabbagh of Manalapan, Kristen Pillarella of Manalapan, Joseph Ercole of Freehold and Michael Soto of Freehold.

Varun Sreejayan of Marlboro has earned a Master of Science degree in industrial engineering at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas. More than 1,100 students completed degrees at the university in fall 2020.

David Vignapiano of Marlboro has been named to the Western New England University, Springfield, Mass., Fall 2020 dean’s list. David is working toward a BSBA in sport management.

Berkeley College has named the following area residents to the president’s list and the dean’s list for the fall 2020 semester. Named to the president’s list (4.0 GPA) were Lisa Brisindi of Freehold, Nadine Eltalkhawi of Marlboro and Jennifer Noltemy of Manalapan. Named to the dean’s list (minimum 3.5 GPA) were Anna Giglio of Colts Neck and Alyssa Lioce of Morganville. Berkeley College has campuses in Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and Woodland Park, and in midtown Manhattan and White Plains, N.Y.

David Lundy of Freehold, a member of the Class of 2021 at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa., and a chemical engineering and economics double major, has landed a coveted spot in the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges Scholars Program. Offered at just 74 schools in the United States, the program’s goal is to use engineering to conquer 14 of the world’s toughest problems. David chose the challenge “Engineer Better Medicines” because he is fascinated by the journey a vaccine takes from a 200-milliliter beaker to a 200-liter bioreactor. His involvement with the program inspired David to seek out and secure a summer internship at Merck, the New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company. During his virtual internship, he got an inside look at the small-scale chemistry and large-scale engineering behind every successful vaccine. At Merck and in the Grand Challenges Scholars Program at Bucknell, David has discovered how to learn from success as well as failure and said, “Every time you are failing, you are gaining information about where to go next. I think it’s really cool to let your research guide you and have an open mind.”

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